Elementary school teacher charged with possession of cocaine

Posted at 2:32 PM, Jun 21, 2017

Polk county deputies arrested a 41-year-old elementary school teacher Tuesday for possession of cocaine as well as for lying to officials during her husband's investigation. 

Stacie Long of Lake Wales was victim of an altercation with her 37-year-old husband, Ryan Long. He was arrested on multiple counts, including battery by strangulation, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and burglary with assault. 

During the battery investigation, deputies say she lied to them and said the altercation never happened.

She later admitted she lied because she did not want her husband to "get in trouble or leave her."

During a search officials found her in possession of cocaine and other drug paraphernalia. In addition, she was charged with maintaining a vehicle for drug use. 

She then admitted that she recently started using cocaine and she would test positive for the drug. 

Stacie Long is a teacher at Jesse Keen Elementary School in Lakeland. 

Polk County Shools released the following statement about Long's employment with the school district: “We are aware of and concerned by the allegations involving Stacie Long. Our human resource department is currently reviewing this matter. Ms. Long remains our employee at this time, but she is not working with students during the summer.”