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Polk County man creates foundation to help patients in need of medical marijuana

Posted at 5:33 PM, Jun 10, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-11 09:57:01-04

LAKELAND, Fla. -- Patients across Florida are in need of medical marijuana but according to a Polk County man, many are not able to afford relief.

Morgan Haas, a medical marijuana user, depends on the medication to manage his pain and other diseases.

“I have been a type one diabetic for over 22 years,” Haas said, “I have severe neuropathy."

On top of that, Haas has broken his back and beat thyroid cancer three different times. Without cannabis, Haas says his discomfort would be constant.

“I would be laying in bed all day,” he said.

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Now that the leafy green and other types of medical marijuana is legal, Haas and thousands of others are now feeling the pain in their pocketbooks.

Depending on the patient, relief can cost upwards of hundreds to thousands a month.

“A three pack of joints from Curaleaf runs me about $32,” Haas said.

ABC Action News looked up prices online. Local retailers charge $10 to $90 for various different products. We found certain oil cartridges going for $60 which would come with just a 10-day supply.

“It is very hard,” Haas said.

That is why Haas has created the Rainy Day Foundation. The foundation, not to be confused with Rainy Days Foundation of Florida, has helped five patients so far.

Haas says he’s been able to negotiate with companies on the patients behalf to either lower prices or diminish the cost completely. He also reports hundreds have already come looking to Rainy Day Foundation for help.

“Everywhere in Florida, from Key West to Tallahassee in Leon County,” he said.

Medical marijuana is not covered by insurance companies because there is not a federally approved medial marijuana product.

For more information on how Morgan Haas and his foundation can help you, visit the site at