Paul McCartney kisses Lakeland Veterinarian

Posted at 6:01 PM, Jul 11, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-11 18:01:18-04

Another item checked off the bucket list. It was a dream come true for Dr. Kecia Howell, a long time veterinarian and even longer Beatles fan.

Dr. Howell had front row tickets to the Paul McCartney concert at Amalie Arena on Monday. She expected to have a good time, but what she didn't expect to be pulled up on stage by the famous singer and ever more, kissed.

"It didn't seem like it could be really happening," Dr. Howell, pretending to pinch herself, said.

Dr. Howell keeps staring at the picture another guest took at the stadium, not quite sure if it is her or not.
But, there's not mistaking the homemade Sgt. Pepper jacket she spent a month sewing just for the July concert.

Dr. Howell's husband says the coat was a ploy to get McCartney to notice her. And boy did it work.

"Not only did I get to meet Paul McCartney, I got to hug Paul McCartney, I got to kiss Paul McCartney and in the end and it does not get any better than that that," Dr. Howell said, with a huge smile on her face.

Another video, another angle caught the nearly 60-year-old and born-again teen dancing with her son,Noah Shea Horowitz, who was also pulled up on stage.

"It is Shea, it comes from Shea Stadium where The Beatles performed," Noah said, wearing a Beatles t-shirt.
Dr. Howell says she taught her kids to also love the rock band, because she was afraid they wouldn't know what good, real music was.

Now, Noah is also a die-hard fan.

"For her, it was a dream come true," the teen said.

And all the while, Dr. Howell's husband, was rows away snapping pictures. Of course, instructed by Dr. Howell herself. But would his fanfare disappear after McCartney stole a kiss from his wife? Not in the least.

"Yes he did, or did she steal one from him?" Steve Horowitz, her husband said laughing.

Now that Dr. Howell has broken in her Sgt. Pepper costume, next she says she is making t-shirts with the picture of her and McCartney on the front.