Sign-waving protesters in Mulberry express frustration with Mosaic

Posted at 1:21 PM, Sep 17, 2016

The gathering of protesters assembled outside of the Mulberry City Hall was small Saturday.

But its participants were committed to take on Mosaic about their concerns of tainted water flowing into a sinkhole on the company site.

Sign-waving protesters, including many who live near the fertilizer facility, lined South Church Street in Mulberry to express their frustrations. 

The handmade signs displayed such requests as "Stop poisoning our water for your profit," and "Mosaic stop minimizing. This is wrong," and "Water is Life Mosaic."

Mosaic, a phosphate mining company, reportedly kept quite about a massive sinkhole that drained a 215 million gallon radioactive pond into an underground aquifer. Reporters were told the company didn't go public with the crisis for three weeks because it found "no risk to the public."

A worker first noticed the sinkhole near the end of August, Mosaic said Friday.