Mosaic's controversial sinkhole repaired

Posted at 2:18 PM, Jun 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-05 09:33:14-04

MULBERRY, Fla. -- After a massive sinkhole opened up in Mulberry in 2016, Mosaic Fertilizer says the problem has been fixed nearly 2 years later.

Mosaic Fertilizer, LLC says it has completed its repairs to the sinkhole located at the New Wales plant in rural Mulberry. 

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Between 75-80 men and women worked for two years to complete the repairs.

The sinkhole required engineers and specialists to come up with a plan to repair the sinkhole and keep it from further destruction.

Mosaic says it moved more than 780,000 cubic yard of material and drilled more than six dozen holes and filled it with 20,000 cubic yard of grout.

The site was worked on for about 350,000 hours.

“We believe that this one has been repaired safely and we are employing state of the art of technology for monitoring and measuring the subsurface geology on this site as well as all of our other sites," David Jellerson, with Mosaic, said.

Following the sinkhole, Mosaic offered to test residential drinking water well.

Mosaic says offsite samples have been cleared and there is not any impact to nearby residents.

“The data demonstrates that we have been able to recover the contaminants and no bodies drinking water will be jeopardized," Jellerson said.

Mosaic will continue groundwater recovery and monitoring as residential well sampling as set forth in the Consent Order.

Neighbors say they have been getting clean reports from Mosaic, and are happy the company is following through like promised.

“You would have to be a chemist to understand the entire report. But the summary simply states that the water here meets all of the standards of the adjacent communities around us," says Joyce Hunter, a neighbor to the plant.

Looking ahead, Mosaic is evaluating new technologies and methods to help detect potential issues earlier.

Mosaic says the sinkhole will be filled and will not be used any further.