Viral video up in smoke? Lakeland teens apologize for 'lighting up' on police department steps

Claim they were pretending to smoke to go viral
Posted at 12:52 PM, Apr 26, 2017

Three teens showed up to the Lakeland Police Department on Wednesday to apologize for posting a video of themselves sitting on the front steps of the department, touting that they were smoking marijuana. 

Detectives identified the trio on Tuesday night and the three young men claimed they were only pretending to smoke marijuana to get more re-tweets and likes on their twitter page. 

They told police the prank was 'a dumb mistake' and they were embarrassed when their parents saw the post. 

Police had a good talk with the boys about the consequences of posting, what appeared to be by their own admission, illegal activity on social media. 

The young men were never caught in the act with an illegal substance, therefore it wasn't an illegal act, according to police. 

The Lakeland police officers hope that the young men learned a valuable lesson and think about what they post online in the future.