Choir cut from Disney show due to mail snafu

Posted at 2:26 PM, Oct 01, 2015

A high school choir group got some disappointing news this week about the Disney show they were looking forward to performing this year.

The group's audition tape just missed the deadline.

The George Jenkins High School Choir gets accepted to the annual Candlelight Disney Processional nearly every year.

This year the group missed Friday's deadline due to a mistake on how the tape was mailed.

"I was devastated. I wanted to cry," said Tori Ladd, a senior at George Jenkins High School.

Seniors took the news particularly hard. They expected to be able to perform one last time on the big stage next to Disney's professional choir.

"We built it up to be this great thing because we always go and it's just kind of sad and heart wrenching to some people, especially seniors," said senior Robert Debellis.

Choir teacher Glori Snow said the audition tape was postmarked in time but didn't get overnighted to Disney like it should have been.

And for some reason it took seven days to get to the theme park using priority mail.

"It makes me sick to my stomach because I felt that they did a really great job. I was really proud of the work that they did," said Snow.

A Disney spokesperson tells ABC Action News it can not bend the rules just for this group. They said the competition opened in mid-August so there was plenty of time to submit the tape.

Now it's on to plan B for the group at George Jenkins. They now plan to audition to sing Christmas carols at the Disney Resorts instead.

They're learning a tough learning lesson in the process.

"In the real word, a deadline is a deadline and it doesn't matter. Nobody can go fight for you. It is what it is," Snow said.