Lakeland police officer immediately relieved of duty

Posted at 11:48 AM, Aug 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-16 17:22:08-04

A Lakeland Police Officer has been immediately relieved of duty.

Officer Brenda Crispin, who was inspired to work in law enforcement after her brother, Arnulfo, was killed on duty, has been suspended with pay until further notice.

The reason for the suspension is not clear in the documents provided to ABC Action News, from the Lakeland Police Department.

However a letter from Acting Chief of Police, Victor White states Crispin has been placed on administrative leave with pay for a period yet to be determined.

In the letter, it deems Crispin’s police authority is immediately revoked. Crispin is not to conduct herself as a police officer or member of the Lakeland Police Department.

She has been relinquished of her badge, ID, access card, weapons, vehicle and other police utilities.

The letter, signed by the Chief was dated August, 5, 2017.

Another document, which was heavily redacted shows Crispin had plans to resign last week but never did, according to officials.

At this time, Lakeland Police Department is not willing to provide information about why Crispin was placed on administrative leave.

Crispin started her policing career in November of 2014 with a lot of support backing her choice. The department welcomed her with high praise after her brother’s murder.

The same year, 2014, Kyle Williams of Lakeland was sentenced for the killing of Arnulfo Crispin and will spend the rest of his life in prison.

According to Crispin’s application, Crispin admitted to being associated with ‘South’, a Lakeland gang. On her application it asked “Have you belonged to or been associated with any group, organization or street gang that advocated members participate in criminal activities? She responded by checking yes, and wrote the name of the Lakeland gang, ‘South’.

The Lakeland Police Department’s Chief will not be commenting on the internal investigation.