Good Samaritan reaches out to help kids hit by drunk driver in Polk County

POLK COUNTY, Fla. - On Tuesday, two Polk County deputies were able to bring happiness to the children who were injured near their Poinciana bus stop in April 2017 by a drunk driver, all thanks to the kindness of a stranger.

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Many in the community will never forget the horrific incident that took the life of 13-year-old Jahiem Robertson. Deputy Quintana, whose kids rode the same bus, jumped into his patrol car barefoot and chased down the suspect when his daughter told him about the tragedy she had just witnessed.

After seeing the story in the news and on social media, Deputy Quintana received a card in the mail, filled with Target gift cards, from a Wyoming woman.

The card stated:

“Dear Deputy Quintana,

I cried when I saw the news report of the middle school children. I needed to do something for them. I thought letting the kids go shopping for whatever they want would be the best. Please give these gift cards to the kids who were affected. I’m glad you chased down the runaway drink driver. He needs to be off the road forever.
Thank you for your service.



Polk County Sheriff's Office posted their reply with several photos on Facebook:

"Dear Jennifer - we are humbled by your generosity, and we only wish that you were here in person to see these kids' smiles. Saying thank you just doesn't seem enough. It was our honor to present these gift cards to the children. Let us know if you're ever in Florida, so that we can make a proper introduction, and give you a big hug."

Deputy Quintana and Captain Raczynski were able to present the children with the Target gift cards on Tuesday thanks to that heartwarming act of kindness.

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