Former Polk County teacher charged with soliciting students for sexually explicit photos

Posted at 11:20 AM, Nov 04, 2016

A former teacher at Ridge Community High School has been arrested for attempting to get female students under the age of 18 to send him sexually explicit photos of themselves. 

Curtis Temples, 25, of Lakeland, faces charges of soliciting female students to send him sexually explicit photos during the time he was a teacher from June 2014 to March of this year, said an affidavit issued by the Haines City Police Department.

Temples made explicit comments to the students while he communicated with them through text messages, phone apps and social media. 

At least two female students were involved in the communications. 

One student told detectives Temples asked if he could pay her for photographs, the affidavit states. Temples also asked if she would like to play strip yoga with him. Later he expressed interest in taking a bath with her, and on several occasions Temple asked the student if she wanted to stay after school with him.

Temples communicated with another student on Facebook messenger, according to the affidavit. He asked if she was okay with touching and inquired about what she wearing at the time. 

Investigators contacted Temples at Ridge Community High School, and he agreed to give a statement after he was advised of his Miranda rights. 

During a taped interview, Temples told detectives he used his cell phone to communicate with the students. He also said he solicited nude photos from two of them. He told detectives he was compelled by his "male urges."

Temples has been charged with violation of prohibited computer usage for the solicitation and promotion of sexual conduct by a minor.