Family loses everything in fire, but community finds way for girl to still make it to homecoming

Posted at 6:11 PM, Oct 21, 2016

Nicolette Salvato had every reason not to attend her first homecoming after her family lost everything they own in a devastating fire during Hurricane Matthew.

They had no clothes and they certainly had no spare money to spend on the ticket, dress, hair, and make-up.

But when administrators at Ridge Community High School heard the 15-year-old wasn’t going to the dance because of her family’s difficult situation, they immediately stepped in.

“They said that she had a guardian angel,” said Courtney Salvato, Nicolette’s mother.

Not just one guardian angel — several.

Without the family’s knowledge, the school got her a ticket, and businesses in the area donated the dress, and all the essentials.

“You look like a princess!” Shouted Courtney, when Nicolette walked out of the changing room with the dress she selected at Angelique Bridal Boutique in Winter Haven.

“It touches a place in your heart. It really does,” said Gina Lawson, the owner.

Nicolette picked out the dress she wanted Friday morning, and the store got to work so it would fit just right for the dance Friday night.

“I’m just amazed. I’m so grateful — I don’t know I’m just speechless,” Nicholette said with tears running down her cheek.

Nicolette and her family spent the day going from one place to another getting her hair, nails, and make-up all ready for the big night.

“She needs some type of normalcy back. She needs to be involved with her school and her friends. It’s going to make her feel better,” said Courtney.

It looks like it already has.

“I will never forget this,” she said.