Corrections deputy arrested after acting belligerently at daughter's soccer practice

Posted at 10:25 AM, May 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-03 17:54:38-04

An Osceola County Corrections Department worker was arrested on Tuesday after acting belligerently towards players and coaches at his daughter's soccer practice.

Joseph Hicks, 27, was arrested around 7:30 p.m. while attending his daughter's soccer practice at Duff Field at Hunt Fountain Park.

Hicks' breath reportedly strongly smelled of alcoholic and he displayed the usual signs of intoxication with slurred speech and unsteadiness. Hicks had been asked to leave the park several times.

Hicks' wife, Rebecca Hicks, was at the practice and begged her husband to get in her car so that they could leave. While deputies were trying to calm him down, Hicks displayed his corrections badge from Osceola County Department of Corrections. Hicks was told by deputies several times that he needed to calm down and leave.

Hicks ultimately tried to approach one of the deputies in an aggressive manner. He was verbally warned not to touch the deputy; Hicks did not listen and grabbed the arm of one of the deputies and was taken into custody and handcuffed.

In custody, Hicks continued yelling at deputies and was uncooperative.

"Mr. Hicks' behavior was embarrassing. He was publicly drunk, disrespectful of others, including the deputies who were just trying to get him to leave, belligerent, and he ruined what should have been a fun and healthy family experience for others. Mr. Hicks will be trespassed from this park to prevent this from happening in the future," said Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd.

Hicks was taken into custody and charged with one count battery on a law enforcement officer, and one count resisting officer without violence. He was booked into the Polk County Jail being held on no bond until a first appearance hearing Wednesday afternoon.