Bartow cop arrested; admits to sex with girl, 15

Posted at 9:40 AM, Dec 23, 2015
A Bartow police officer has been arrested after he admitted having sex with a 15-year-old girl. 
Randy Velez, 27, was reportedly having problems with his wife. Eloisa, his wife, said she suspected her husband was cheating on her for a few months before he admitted to her that he had an affair and that the woman he'd had sex with was 15 years old.
Eloisa called her husband and recorded the conversation yesterday, which led to his arrest. On the phone call, Velez said that he should be in jail, that he was embarrassed and that he doesn't feel good about what he did but that he hadn't expected it to happen. He said that Eloisa was talking about separating and he wanted to give her a good reason why.
Velez admitted to the relationship during a post-Miranda interview. He said the two had met while he was working and that she was a nice person. They began talking on Facebook and, although he knew she was 15, he felt comfortable around her. 
According to Eloisa, Velez told her that it was just one time because "It takes planning" and he "just got lucky that day." However, the victim told police that Velez would make visits to her home at least once every time he worked over the course of a few months. Although she confirmed that they only had sex once, they kissed and had other romantic contact.