Uber driver caught peeking in female passengers' condo window after dropping them off

Posted at 12:34 PM, Sep 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-06 12:34:19-04

A local Uber driver has been charged with loitering and prowling after police say he was caught peeking through the windows of a condo where he had dropped off two female passengers early Sunday morning. 

St. Petersburg police say Christopher Cuccorillo, 40, dropped the girls off at their condo on 3rd Avenue North in St. Petersburg early Sunday morning and just before 5 a.m., a witness saw Cuccorillo walking back and forth in the back area of the condominium building. The witness said they heard Cuccorillo tampering with the windows of the condo.  

Police say the area is closed off with a six-foot fence with a gate for access and it is not within public view or open to the public. 

When police got to Cuccorillo he told them he was checking on the girls because they asked him to check on them because of their intoxication. 

The girls told police they did not make that request. Cuccorillo's story changed several times during the investigation. 

St. Petersburg police arrested Cuccorillo and he was booked into the Pinellas County Jail.