Thanking Pinellas County deputies with free, custom-made pen

Posted at 5:03 PM, Jul 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-12 08:27:34-04

A Pinellas County man is hoping others will help him thank local deputies by making custom pens for each employee at the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office. 

Scott McClain with Wood Majesty has been giving pens to deputies with PCSO for a few months. But after the death of five officers in Dallas, he wants to say thank you to all employees. 

That means McClain will have to make 2,800 pens, something he realizes he can't do alone because it takes at least one day to make one pen.

"It doesn't feel like it's enough. It certainly doesn't feel like it's enough by no means, but it's what I can do on a small scale," he said.

McClain pays for all the pieces out of his own pocket and the custom made pens run $25 to $50.

The Palm Harbor man buys pen kits from Penn State Industries to start the process. From there he will take a piece of wood to shape and form unique styles for each pen. 

Along with the pieces for the pens, McClain has to purchase the wood -- some pieces costing as much as $35 that will only help produce a small number of pens.

McClain gets most of his wood from a local supplier, Anderson Lumber, as well as by scouting sites like Craigslist for any free wood or old furniture.

He hopes there might be others out there with a heart as big as his to donate time or resources to help say thank you to local deputies. 

Eventually McClain hopes to move on to other departments. 

To read more about McClain's goal and how you can help with custom pens, click here.