Teens caught breaking into cars in Pinellas County, deputies warn of growing crime trend

One 15-year-old suspect has been arrested 5 times
Posted at 5:58 AM, Sep 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-14 06:33:22-04

Two teens were locked up following a number of car break-ins in Pinellas county. Deputies are warning people about what appears to be a growing crime trend.

The suspects arrested in this most recent case were just 14 and 15 years old. Pinellas investigators told ABC Action News, the 15-year-old has already been arrested 5 times.

Detectives says the crooks target cars that are unlocked. ABC Action News spoke with a woman who had her SUV stolen. She said she was shocked to find out the ages of the suspects.

"These kids are armed and my understanding is they are young and I really feel bad for their parent," said Lana Beck.

Beck told ABC Action News she watched as crooks pulled off in her SUV. Right out in front of her driveway in her Seminole neighborhood.

The crooks were caught thanks to a quick thinking Good Samaritan who spotted the teens casing the neighborhood. She felt something wasn't right and called police.

"I saw 2 kids running across the street across the way I thought that was kind of weird," Judi Tsigulliff told ABC Action News.

Pinellas County reports 90 percent of all vehicle break-in's are due in part to victims not locking their doors.

Investigators told ABC Action News they are looking for other suspects as well in connection with the recent rash of crime.