Knife-wielding man shot and killed by Pinellas deputies

Suspect: You are going to have to kill me
Posted at 7:38 PM, Nov 23, 2016

Pinellas County deputies received a 911 call at 5:28 p.m. for a domestic disturbance. When they arrived at the scene on Mallory Dr in Lealman they say they came into contact with a man holding a large knife telling them, “you are going to have to kill me.”

Major David Danzig said the 911 call was the suspect’s girlfriend. Danzig said she took her two children ages 10 and 12 to a neighbors to call 911 for domestic violence on her boyfriend. Danzig said the caller told them her boyfriend was armed and would not cooperate.

“The door opened quickly he had the knife in his hand and immediately came out of the unit and said ‘you are going to have to kill me,’” Danzig said. “Those are split second decisions.  And, unfortunately, when someone is approaching you with a large knife and you have it up raised like this I don't know any other protocols besides to meet that force.”

The man, who deputies have not identified, lives in a new apartment community called Duval Park that helps veterans and low income families get back on their feet with affordable housing.

An upstairs neighbor of the man deputies shot and killed said the man was a military veteran going through a tough time.

“Duval Park is a place to help a lot of vets out he just didn't help himself that's all and he had his own set of problems he kept drinking,” Sanders said. “They did the right thing a hundred percent. The guy come out of the house carrying a knife they didn't have a choice, you don't do that.”

The man has not been identified. Deputies said they had no other choice but to open fire.