St. Pete woman who severely injured boyfriend with hot soup captured

Posted at 9:44 AM, Aug 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-02 15:31:49-04
A St. Pete woman wanted on an attempted murder charge after police say she poured boiling hot soup on her boyfriend has been captured.
Misty Childs, 41, poured the soup on her sleeping boyfriend after they had an argument, according to St. Petersburg Police Department.
Lavont Moss, 45, was left in critical condition.
Officers found Childs on Tuesday at 2001 ½ Queensboro Ave. S. in St. Petersburg after a tipster told them she was at the address. 
Ashleigh Ferris and Wesley Clark said Moss, their roommate, is fighting for his life.
They had stepped outside for a smoke just after midnight Sunday when they heard blood curdling screams from inside the halfway house.
"I ran inside and he said, 'She burned me! She burned me!" Clark said. "And he ripped his tank top off. It was stuck to his back. Then he just fell over on the couch flat."
"He was barely able to breathe because of the pain. He was moaning," Ferris said.
Clark, who trained as a paramedic, said the injuries were some of the worst he has seen.
"His skin, it just looked like someone took his shoulder blades and grabbed the skin and pulled it off," Clark said.
The boiling soup could have severe, even fatal, complications for Moss.
"The doctors informed us that the scalding water went into his nose, his mouth and all the way down his throat," said Rick Shaw, St. Petersburg police spokesman. "So the issue here is not just the burning of the skin but the possibility of infection and that could cause death."