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St. Pete woman creates business out of removing and relocating honey bees

How's Your Day Honey also sells honey-related products
Posted at 4:01 PM, Apr 06, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-06 16:01:18-04

ST. PETE, Fla. — While some people strive for straight A's, a St. Pete woman strives for straight B's, as in honey bees.

“Oh, honey bees are amazing,” said Elisha Bixler, who made a business out of removing and relocating them.

You could call Bixler a queen bee, in the past six years she’s gone from two hives to 150.

“I have three children and I wanted to provide honey for our family,” said Bixler. “We are all busy bees. Everybody works it, even my littlest 8-year-old.”

Bixler calls her business, How’s Your Day Honey.

“So we do it all, we save and rescue bees from people’s homes, trees, commercial buildings, whatever you have and then from there I bring them to an apiary just like this and these bees get to pollinate yards, tropical fruit trees, neighborhoods,” said Bixler.

In between the removing and the relocating Elisha is also making an array of honey-related products.

“We have honey coming out of our ears, we have so much honey,” said Bixler.

It’s so natural you can do a taste test right out of the hive. Elisha has even gained national buzz through social media.

“And from there my business has taken off, honey sales have gone up, bee removal has gone up, it's been amazing”

Elisha is a believer when it comes to educating the public.

“We do children’s presentations and lectures, kids actually go nuts for this,” said Bixler.

She said her favorite part of the job is that it’s always an adventure.

“It’s a treasure hunt when I open up walls and shed floors, it’s like what am I going to find today,” said Bixler.

She also isn’t worried about being stung.

“I get stung all the time, it still hurts, I don’t have much of a reaction, but you know it’s part of the job,” said Bixler.

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