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St. Pete friends bring movie monsters to life in their 'Creature Shop'

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Posted at 1:51 PM, Oct 19, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-19 15:51:20-04

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — This time of year many of us are trying to come up with the most frightening mask or costume we can find. However, in St. Pete, there are a couple of friends who have made scaring people a year-round quest.

Kevin Beganovic and Sloan Losch have pursued their own dreams by creating people’s nightmares. They call their team, Greasy Boy Films. Inside their “creature shop,” they create an array of masks, props and special effects.

“Creatures, monsters, ever since I was a kid I always loved that. I didn’t know that was an actual career option down the road,” said Kevin Beganovic.

“We had a close bond of horror films and we decided, ‘hey let's make our own horror films,’ and that’s the path we are on right now, we are creating our own visions,” said Sloan Losch.

Their latest project is called “Inn: Dead Town,” set to begin shooting in January.

“With this film, it’s kind of like go big or go home for us, this is our big, ‘here we are this is what the Greasy Boys are going to do,’” said Losch. “It goes back to fears where you have no place to stay, you’re on the road, and you have this one motel and its like, ‘do I stay there or do I keep on driving.’”

They are excited to be shooting the entire movie in their hometown, using small businesses as the backdrop to every gory scene.

“We appreciate everybody’s ability to help us out with this film and we’ll be a cheerleader for them for their local business,” said Losch.

They not only design masks and props for their own movies but for anyone out there looking to elevate their fright status.

“I’ve sort of become the Santa Claus of Halloween, where I try to fill out everyone’s orders for their custom masks,” said Beganovic. “Where they want a leather face mask that has a joker paint job or they want a Jason mask with a Nightmare on Elm Street look to it.”

The Greasy Boys say when it comes to that authentic movie magic fear, who are you going to call?

“If you have a story, a concept that you think may terrify people, you get a hold of the Greasy Boys and we will make that come true,” said Losch.