Road rage leads to stabbing at gas station

Posted at 12:30 PM, Apr 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-21 07:21:42-04

A Gulfport road rage incident Tuesday led to a stabbing outside a gas station, police said.
John Reynolds, 23,  is accused of stabbing another man in the torso twice at a gas station at 1422 58th St. S., according to the Gulfport Police Department.
The incident began near the gas station when one of the men cut the other off in traffic, police said, and they pulled into station.

In surveillance video provided by the convenience store, you can see Reynolds waiting in line when Leonel Garcia, 55, walks in. Garcia says something to Reynolds and walks away. He comes back a few moments later getting into Reynolds' face again. Garcia then starts to walk toward to the cash register to pay for beer. Reynolds stays in front of his face and starts taunting Garcia.

Witnesses tell ABC Action News Garcia told Reynolds to go outside where they would fight. In the video, you see Reynolds walking in front of Garcia. Reynolds opens the front door, turns around and is shoved by Garcia. The video shows them fighting in the parking lot before breaking up. Reynolds is seen going back and forth to his truck and to Garcia saying a few things.

One witness recounts him taunting Garcia, saying, "I told you I was going to stab you fat man."

After picking up his hat and other belongings that fell to the ground during the fight, the video shows Garcia going back into the convenience store to purchase his beer. In the video, Garcia is seen lifting his shirt to quickly examine his wounds. He then went outside where witness say he waited for police and medical care. During the same time, Reynolds is seen filling his truck with gas then driving away.

Police found the truck about two hours later and arrested him at the address listed on its registration.

"Why Mr. Reynolds was the only one arrested and not Mr. Garcia is beyond me." said James May, Reynolds' attorney.
During Reynolds' first appearance in court, May claimed self-defense and stand-your-ground to get his client's bond reduced.

"(Garcia) Literally bull rushes him to about the center of the parking lot and the only time that he stops the attack, (after) several blows to my clients head, is when my client pulls out a pocket knife and stabs him," May said.

May believes the charges will be dropped.

"I think once they get a chance to view this video, they're going to do the right thing," he said.
Garcia is in stable condition.

May says Reynolds was taken to the infirmary at the jail for injuries sustained during the fight.

Reynolds was booked into Pinellas County Jail on a charge of aggravated battery.