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Resale Queens spark new enthusiasm for thrift shopping

Posted at 1:48 PM, Feb 28, 2020

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — A group of Florida women take a bus tour through a new city at least once a month visiting as many thrift, vintage and antique stores as they can fit in their schedule.

They call themselves, the Resale Queens.

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For some of these women, it’s their first shopping experience in St. Pete.

“We have no idea where we are going,” said Maria Dicicco, of Venice.

That’s why it’s called The Mystery Resale Shopping Bus Tour.

Patti Clark picks the stores, and the Resale Queens go along for the ride.

“I’ve always been a thrifter and a resaler and I would always kid everybody that someday, because I know where all these cool places are, that someday I’m going to put everybody on a bus and take them, and now I’m doing it,” said Clark.

The first stop on the St. Pete tour was The Market at Left Bank.

“Nothing in stores like this you’ll ever find anywhere else, it’s usually one of a kind and its great for gifts,” said Dicicco.

Next, it’s on to the Bungaleux on Central. You have to check every room like a treasure hunt.

These small, independent businesses say the tour is a tremendous opportunity to promote the resale industry.

“It’s amazing because it is expensive to do high-end advertising so when we have this many people to come see how unique our store is, it really is awesome for us and the community,” said Maggie Ory, with the Bungaleux on Central.

After every stop, the bond grows. They call it thrifting friendships.

“It’s fun when you get back on the bus to see what they bought and they always want to see what I bought,” said Mary Krzos.