Remembering Pulse victims at St. Pete Pride celebration

Posted at 5:20 PM, Jun 16, 2016

A group planning to march in the St. Petersburg Pride celebration will hold bulletin boards with the faces of the 49 victims who died inside Pulse Nightclub.  

The parade is planned for Saturday, June 25th in St. Petersburg at sunset.

More than 150 organizations and businesses are expected to attend.

Alex Borders with Tranz Media Group LLC said the float they are sponsoring will have 49 people dressed in black to honor those who died at the parade, "for the people carrying poster boards like this one, the t shirt will say 'I am him,' if it's a female, it will say 'I am her.'"

Borders said this will be a visual for people to see the number of those who died. 

St. Petersburg police say they will step up security at Pride with more uniformed officers, and undercover officers.