Domestic dispute leaves son and husband dead in Pinellas Park

Posted at 9:53 PM, Jun 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-26 21:37:20-04

The Pinellas Park Police are investigating an officer-involved shooting that occurred at 6082 96th Terrace North on Saturday night.

The incident started as a domestic dispute between Irena K. Bogusiewicz, 58, and her husband Waldemar Bogusiewicz, 59. Waldemar, who was reportedly intoxicated, was arguing with his wife over who was going to buy more beer. 

During this argument their 25-year-old son Adrian K. Bogusiewicz came out only to see what was going on between his parents.  

Irena left the residence because of her husband's demeanor and then called the police, leaving her son and husband alone in the home.  

Sometime between when Irena left the residence and when the police arrived on scene Waldemar and Adrian got into a confrontation that resulted in Waldemar shooting Adrian multiple times within his bedroom. 
After meeting Irena down the street the officers returned to the home with her to investigate the domestic dispute having no knowledge of what had taken place just prior to their arrival. 
As they entered the home the officers observed Adrian already shot on the floor of his bedroom just inside the house. 
Waldemar was then observed in the home with a gun in his hand. He began yelling for the officers to leave and began shooting at the officers.  
Irena having seen her husband run from the house also yelling he had a gun.
Officers returned gunfire at Waldemar, which later resulted in his death at Northside Hospital. 
Neighbors say they are saddened, but not shocked by what happened.  They say the family has lived in their home 20 years, and that there's been plenty of trouble in the past.
"It's tragic, what happened.  We feel terribly for the wife and family, but we all assumed it was coming at some point," one neighbor, who didn't want to be identified, said.
Neighbors say Waldemar gotten into physical fights with neighbors and family over the years.  Records show he had previously faced charges of child abuse and battery.  
"Something like this could happen anywhere.  But it's sad that it happened here.  It really is," the neighbor said.
The officers involved in the shooting were not injured and both remain on paid administrative leave per the department's policy. 
During a search of the residence multiple firearms were found in both the son's bedroom and the master bedroom. 
Autopsy results are pending on both Adrian and Waldemar; however alcohol does appear to be a factor in the shooting on the part of Waldemar.