St. Pete mom accused of crowbar attack on parent

Posted at 5:22 PM, Apr 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-25 23:18:56-04

A fight between two teens ended with one of their mothers being hospitalized after being attacked with a crowbar, Pinellas County deputies said.

Sandtale Taylor, 34, told ABC Action News she was outside of her St. Petersburg home shortly before midnight Sunday when four carloads of people drove up, got out and started throwing things at her house.

She said she then saw Octavia Herring Nolton, 38, pull out a crowbar.

"I see her slinging the crowbar, just going like this," said Taylor, making a swinging motion with her arms.

Taylor explained she was hit between five and seven times in the head outside of her Grove Park Avenue North home.

According to deputies, Taylor's teenage son and Nolton's teenage son had been involved in a physical fight earlier in the day.  However, deputies say they closed the case because Nolton's son refused to cooperate with investigators.

Deputies told ABC Action News that Nolton was out for revenge.

Nolton reportedly drove her teenage son to Taylor's house and urged him to finish the fight, deputies say.

When the teen wouldn't fight, that's when deputies say Nolton took matters into her own hands and went after Taylor.

"it's sore really bad and it is still bleeding despite the staples," Taylor said of her head wound.

She said she almost suffered a broken nose.

"My whole nose was swollen. If you would have seen it yesterday, it looked like it was broken," Taylor added.

Taylor told ABC Action News she knows Nolton and feels the women could have talked out any issues between there kids. She doesn't believe Nolton needed to resort to violence.

"I wish things would have been done differently," Taylor said.

Nolton is now charged with child abuse, aggravated battery and affray. She is out on bond tonight.