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Future of Largo City Hall is in downtown

Largo City Hall
Posted at 4:46 AM, May 14, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-14 08:49:17-04

LARGO, Fla. — A new Largo City Hall is in the works.

Officials are moving City Hall back to its original location, in the downtown district.

The process is still in the beginning phases but city and project leaders say the new building will be more sustainable and offer a central point in downtown for mixed-use.

"For instance, things like solar array, trying our best to maximize alternative energy sources, our building is actually going to utilize certain elements, including things like, hopefully, a living wall that actually not only brings sort of greenery into the building but actually acts as a filtration device for the air conditioning system, especially after the pandemic, really doing our best to make sure we maximize daylight," said John Curran with ASD Sky.

"So what you're going to see is, you know, in a Florida environment, sun can be brutal, but it also can be the most beautiful thing. And so having a series of designs that in certain parts of the building that actually are protected from the sun and other areas that open up and become more reflective and almost a reflection of the community in some respects," Curran said.

Bringing people downtown is also a huge focus for city leaders.

"One of the very unique aspects of this building that we're designing is that it's not just the city hall, it's not just an office space for city employees, we are going to have approximately 20,000 square feet of leasable commercial space in the building," explains Henry Schubert, Largo City Manager. "So it's a true mixed use project. So we anticipate restaurants and retail shops, and maybe a brew pub to be located in, in the city hall building and in the adjoining parking garage structure."

The goal is to also add a lot of outdoor public space. The parking garage should hold about 335 cars to add parking to the area.

Construction would likely start in May of 2022 and last about 18 months.

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