Families of lightning victims speak, credit nurse on beach for saving teens' lives

Posted at 6:10 PM, Jul 20, 2016
The two teenagers struck by lightning are recovering at Tampa General Hospital.
15-year-old Cameron Poimboeuf's injuries are more severe. He remains in ICU but he is stable and his family's optimistic.
18-year-old Jansen Tabor is in good condition and is actually speaking.
But last night is certainly a night both families would like to forget
"This has been a horrific ordeal. It is not the way I wanted to spend a week in Clearwater, said Claudette Tabor, Jansens mom.
She sat next to Cameron Poimboeuf's father, Kevin as they addressed reporters at TGH.
The parents kept a brave face while  reliving the moment their children took a direct hit of lightning on Sand Key Beach.
Cameron went into cardiac arrest 
"The doctors are very encouraged about his vital signs and overall progress he's making some really good strides," said his father.
Kevin Poimboeuf flew in from North Carolina to be by his son's side.
The 15-year-old still can't speak, but this father is optimistic his son will pull through. 
"He's in excellent health. He's a strong fighter so he's not going anywhere to put it like that," said Poimboeuf.
Claudette Tabor actually saw the storm from her 17th floor vacation condo. She ran outside and found her son. 
"He woke up and he couldn't move his right leg. He was screaming for help," she said.
Help came.
A nurse also vacationing on the beach rushed to help. Both families are convinced her quick action saved the boys lives.
"I am very very grateful for her and what she did for both the boys," said Tabor who also happens to be a nurse herself.
"My family is extremely grateful for this guardian angel that was there and performed CPR on my son," said Poimboeuf.
Jansen Tabor could be released as early as tomorrow.
Doctors will keep a close eye on Cameron Poimboeuf.
A Gofundme page has been set up to help for care.