EXCLUSIVE: Mom speaks on bus driver's arrest for having sex with her 16-year-old daughter

Posted at 7:26 PM, Oct 31, 2016

The Pinellas Sheriff's Office report is troubling. It says the bus driver convinced the girl, who is a Sophomore at Lealman Intermediate School, to stay on the bus after dropping everyone else off last Thursday morning.

The mother told ABC Action News, the accused driver, 24-year-old Dondre Davis drove the girl a block away to 28th and 53rd street. After the alleged sex, he made her walk back to the school by herself.

"I'm still so emotional and angry I don't even know how to feel,' said the mother.

The teen's mother wanted to share their story but not their identity. Questions raced through her mind after deputies broke the news they arrested the school bus driver on Friday.

"I want to know why he picked my child ?" she asked.

Her daughter just turned 16 a few weeks ago. And has been in counseling for social anxiety.

"She was gullible enough to stay on the bus," said the mother.

Davis was a full time employee but a fill in driver on that route. According to deputies, he messaged the girl on Facebook about plans to "kiss on the bus"… but ended up having "consensual" sex.

The mom said that's outrageous. Her daughter can't make that decision. Deputies agreed and charged Davis with a felony.

"I'm angry, I'm really angry," said the mother.

She told ABC Action News this was her daughter's first sexual experience.

"Because as a man he has a whole family and a whole career. You messed that all up just to break my child's virginity?" she said.

Davis is a married father. He had a domestic battery arrest in 2011 but because it was a misdemeanor and did not involve a child, the school system was able to hire him according to the guidelines they provided ABC Action News.

"I feel like something needs to change," said the mom.

School officials wouldn't comment on their hiring policy but did tell us Davis is no longer an employee. The girl's aunt and godmother do not think that is enough.

"He should be prosecuted. He should be put on a sexual offender list, and should definitely not be around children," said her godmother.

"This is really scary. It happened in broad daylight. He did not care who saw it or anything. He is sexual predator," said the teen's Aunt.

Her mother has decided to forgive.

"I forgive him because I believe in a higher power," she said.

She feels maybe this is meant to save someone else. The whole case broke open only after her daughter's best friend went to school staff.

"She is a hero in my book," said the mother.

And by watching this she hopes it will be inspire others to become heroes too.

"Please talk to your parents talk to somebody," said the mother.