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Communities joining forces to save golf courses in Pinellas County

Developer wants to build new homes on Bardmoor 150 acres
Posted at 5:16 PM, Apr 26, 2019

SEMINOLE, Fla. -- Two golf course communities are joining forces in Pinellas County.

The Tides Golf Club recently lost a fight with a developer, which will wipe out the golf course.

Now Bardmoor neighbors are going through the same battle.

"This is so rare,” said homeowner Stacey Pitts.

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The green space behind her home is one of Pinellas County's few public golf courses.

"The golf courses, the green spaces that are left in Pinellas County, are far and few between,” she said.

"We might never be able to match the dollars of a developer, but collectively we matter and we have to speak up and say, ‘this is not OK.’"

Soon, Bardmoor Golf and Tennis Club is set to be sold off to a developer. Wheelock Communities wants build 400 new homes plus commercial space.

"The 150 acres will absorb thousands of and thousands of gallons of water in an hour,” said Bill Foley. “So if you start paving that, where's all the water going to go?"

And where are all those cars going to go?

"It's not just the concrete and home neighbors are concerned about—it’s more traffic on already busy roads like Bryan Dairy Road and Starkey Road."

"We're joining forces with The Tides Group which is still battling a couple of developers with their case. What we're trying to do here is not make this about me and my property, this is about Pinellas County,” said Foley.

Neighbors like Foley plan to rally Saturday, taking their message from their front yards to Waterfront Park at 11 p.m.

"We want commissioners and the rest of the community to say, no, you cannot rezone this. We have to protect our recreational open spaces. You said in your master plan that was important,” Pitts said.