Clearwater men try using Amber Alert program to ask parents for children's information

Posted at 5:50 PM, Jul 14, 2016
Clearwater Police are investigating a potential group of people using the Amber Alert program for their own benefit. A concerned parent called to report a group of three men after she was approached by one of them trying to get information about her 7-month-old daughter.
"He's like 'do you mind if I get some information on the baby for the Amber Alert System?'" Ashley Schroeder said.
He came walking around a corner holding a clipboard with pamphlets about the Amber Alert program around 4:00 p.m. yesterday, Schroeder explained. 
The man was dressed in black slacks, a button-up shirt and had a clean haircut. Schroeder was sitting outside of her apartment near the intersection of Kings Highway and Alpine Road. She says the conversation was red flag after red flag.
"He says that he was working for the fire department. He was coming around and getting information on children 17 and younger." She said.
She asked for ID. She says he didn't even have a card. She and her mother sent him away and then called police.
Schroeder shared her experience on Facebook. Several people have said people have called them about signing up for the Amber Alert system as well.
CPD says if these people approach you or call, do not give them any information. Adding, police and fire are not going door to door.
FDLE says there is no such thing as signing your child up for the Amber Alert system.