61-year-old woman speaks out after bus stop attack

Man accused of trying to rape her at knife point
Posted at 5:44 PM, Sep 29, 2017

The 61-year-old woman attacked at a St. Pete bus stop is speaking out.

Jennifer Taylor says she was just sitting at the bus stop on 16th Street North when 26-year-old Traymonte Snipes approached asking for sex.

"What!?! Not off me you don't!" she said.

Taylor has been homeless for the past 6 years. She sleeps at the bus stop. 

"It's very hard, yes. It's very scary," she said. "Sometimes I don't sleep at all. I mean, I'll go for like two nights and then you know, your body takes over and you got to."

Taylor is small. She relies on a walker to keep her balance. She says she became homeless after losing everything in a break-up and eviction.

When she denied Snipes advances, she says he threatened her with a knife and didn't take no for an answer.

"He grabbed me by the arm, made me stand up. I tried to sit back down and then he just goes (gestures a motion as if picking someone up) picks me up like I'm nothing," she said.

Snipes carried her down a nearby alley and dropped her behind a dumpster.

"Just slams me on the ground," she recalled.

An officer just happened to pull down the alley at that time. She says she saw the headlights and ran for help.

Jennifer turns 62 next month and hopes to start collecting social security. She's hopeful that paycheck will get her off the street and allow her to go back to Ohio where she has family, including an adult son.

Until that time, she says, that bus stop is her home.

"As long as I know he's (Snipes) put away, I'm not so nervous out heres" she said.

It turns out, Snipes has been arrested for a sex crime before in Lee County Florida. He was only convicted of battery in that case.

Police say they're investigating to see if there could be more victims.