Video shows paramotor pilot crash in Zephyrhills

Posted at 11:31 PM, May 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-18 02:00:23-04
It began as just another routine para-motor flight for Gerhard Kall in Zephyrhills, until it wasn't.
"I never thought in 28 seconds, it could change your life forever," Kall said.
Just 28 seconds into his final flight of the day, Kall's parawings lost air pressure. The mishap sent the avid pilot and adrenaline junky crashing to the ground from more than seven stories high.
"How is it possible that I'm involved in this, I'm thinking and I'm falling down to the ground and I'm about to hit and I'm going to be a bag of bones," said Kall, recalling the crash.
Cellphone video captures the moment he loses power, the shoot collapsing, and Kall spinning out of control.
"It looks like I bounced with the rear wheels because by the time they found me, I was face down with all the equipment on top of me," Kall said.
Pictures of the flying machine show the mangled metal wreckage, the pilot seat nearly unrecognizable.
"By the time they put me in the stretcher and everything, I was in so much pain," Kall said.
Kall was loaded onto an emergency chopper and would find out at the hospital he had a fractured pelvis and vertebrae. 
The accident put the husband and father out of work. Extensive rehab now awaits, but tonight, the family man tells us he's just happy to have another chance at life.
"I think god has more plans for me here on Earth because I hate to say it, for the type of accident it was, I should have been resting in peace," Kall said.
The family has set up a Go Fund Me account to help pay for the mounting medical bills. If you would like to help click here.