Wife arrested for attempted murder after intentionally setting husband's bed on fire as he slept

Posted at 9:54 AM, Jul 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-28 12:37:49-04

A woman was arrested on Thursday for allegedly setting her husband's bed on fire while he was asleep in it, according to deputies.

James Brennan Jr. told Pasco County deputies that his wife Eva Marie Brennan, 48, and him have an estranged relationship and that she currently does not live with him. Brennan Jr. told deputies that he had a girl over on Wednesday and that his wife stopped by his home and expressed anger over him having another woman there. 

The husband stated that his wife left his home early on Wednesday night and he went to bed. According to deputies, James Jr. woke up around 5 a.m. on Thursday to his bed on fire near his feet. He yelled to his son for help.

His son quickly grabbed pots of water and tried to put out the fire.

The husband told deputies that he used a curtain that was hanging in his bedroom doorway to attempt to smother the fire. That attempt was unsuccessful. The father and son then dragged the box spring out of the trailer and used buckets of water to extinguish the fire.

Brennan's husband told deputies that his wife later returned to his house and admitted to setting the fire before she broke several items in the house and ran off. 

Brennan's husband sustained blisters on a few of his fingers as well as burns to the bottom of his right foot.

The son's girlfriend was also at the house at the time of the incident. Deputies say that she was asleep in the living room when she woke up to hear her boyfriend's father yelling from his bedroom. She told deputies that the fire was blocking the doorway, preventing Brennan's husband from exiting the room.

The son's girlfriend also told deputies that when she was leaving the home around 9 a.m., she saw Brennan outside and asked her if she heard what happened. Brennan replied by saying that she had "set that mother (expletive) on fire". 

Detectives, as well as the State Bureau of Fire and Arson, determined that the fire was set on purpose. 

Eva Marie Brennan was arrested for the attempted murder of her husband, her son and her son's girlfriend. She was additionally charged with arson. She was arrested and transported to jail without incident. 

On her way to the Land O'Lakes Jail, Brennan told the law enforcement deputy transporting her, "Your wife will be dead in a year." Additionally, on the ride to jail, deputies had to pull over because Brennan was trying to jump her cuffs and attempting to harm herself. Fire and rescue had to respond, during which time Brennan made multiple additional threats and wished harm upon multiple deputies.

She was additionally charged with corruption by threat against public servant.