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Tampa Bay area Marine develops free phone app so people can get or offer help during a hurricane

Aftermath Data available in app stores
Posted at 4:00 AM, Jul 12, 2018

WESLEY CHAPEL, Fla. -- Eron Iler is a Marine. The Wesley Chapel man is also a tech-savvy entrepreneur. 

When Iler saw the chaos caused by Hurricane Irma and other natural disasters, he was inspired to help people — especially first responders, regular citizens and groups looking to lend a hand.

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“Those people getting off their couches, packing up trucks, getting things done,” says Iler. “When government resources can’t handle a situation, our only response is to help each other.”

But who to help and where to help?

The new Aftermath Data is a free phone app available in most app stores. It allows users to sign in as people who need help or want to respond to aid requests.

Think of the app as sort of an Uber for emergencies to an ordered network of community support that goes beyond calling 911 (which Eron says you should always do first).

“Wildfires, flooding, blizzard, tornadoes, tsunamis. Doesn’t matter the emergency," says Iler. "It’s about collecting data in real time.”

The app features a detailed map to show where users are located. There is also a button to signal an emergency.

Aftermath Data just launched, so for the app to work at its peak power it will need people to sign up and start using it. Emergencies and needs are specific on the app. Eventually they will be paired with people who can help in each situation.

“There’s no sense sending someone with a chainsaw to help someone with a lost dog,” says Iler.

So far local and federal authorities are not involved in Aftermath Data, but the Marine is hoping someday they will be able to use the app to serve the public quicker and more efficiently.

To find out more about Aftermath Data, visit: