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Pasco County school lunch times cut in half, parents worry students don't have enough time to eat

Posted at 5:43 PM, Aug 14, 2018

PASCO COUNTY, Fla. — Rushing through the lunch line with just minutes to eat. That is what some parents are claiming after the first day of school at one local high school. 

Wiregrass Ranch High School’s lunch periods were cut in half from one hour to 30 minutes. Ashley Lora just graduated from the school and says when she was there lunch was great. 

"There are only three lunches [this year] last year we had four lunches and everybody was able to get through their day,” Lora said.

Lora's brother is still enrolled and told her he now has to sprint across the campus if he wants to get into the lunch line.

"He was kind of like, 'oh I’m glad I brought my own lunch, if not I wouldn’t have eaten,'” Lora said.

Other parents are concerned too that their kids are not getting enough to eat. Many posted to Facebook with what their kids came home talking about.

One student sent us a photo of tables and chairs set up in the gym.

The school district says that was done because the staff was worried there would be rain. Lora says she has never seen that before. 

"Considering the overcrowding issue that we had in the past I think they should go back to the old schedule. It’s worked the best, each student had their lunch,” Lora said.

The district says the change is for all middle and high schools. Hurricane Irma caused inconsistencies with makeup days at certain schools, which is why it wanted to make all the schools the same.

The district says each student gets at least 15 minutes to eat and everyone who wanted food got it. They also say it is the first week of classes and they are still working out any kinks.  

"Although we should always welcome change, if it didn’t work on the first day of school how long is it going to take for it to work?” Lora asked.