Lemonade stand hopes to save K9 officers' lives

Posted at 11:32 PM, Dec 23, 2015

To children, life is so simple. See a problem, fix a problem.

Sophia Contino is no exception to that rule. When she found out Pasco County K9 officers needed equipment, she came up with a simple way to raise money -- selling a simple drink.

"Lemonade, get your lemonade!" Contino shouts from behind her donation center.

During a meeting with Pasco Sheriff deputies, Contino's father Jason learned of the need for K9 bulletproof vests. He told his daughter how 39 had been killed by gunfire across the country since 2004. Her dad says that's all Sophia needed to hear. 

"She took it upon herself. She said, 'I'm going to raise money for the dogs,'" said Jason Contino. "I said, 'You realize it's $2,500?' She (told me) that doesn't matter I'm going to raise it anyway."

At 50 cents per cup, most leave a little more. One women left $10, while another left $5.

The bigger bucks, however, are rolling in from her Facebook page.

"Haven't you ever felt sad that the police K9s have lost their lives, haven't you ever wanted to help the community, well I'm the girl to help," said Sophia in a video on the Facebook page. The video has now been viewed hundreds of times.

"Everybody saw it and they wanted to help too," said Sophia, who can't believe the response.

While she's still not to her goal of $2,500 quite yet, I asked if she'll ever give up. Again, she had a simple answer.


Sophia says after she's raised the money she be delivering it directly to Sheriff Chris Nocco and his K9 teams.

If you would like to donate click here to visit her Facebook page.