Video shows gator captured in front yard of Pasco neighborhood

Posted at 5:20 PM, Apr 02, 2018

Cell phone video captured the moments deputies were called to capture an alligator in the front yard of a residential neighborhood in Pasco County.

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Missy Allen Bradburn caught the whole thing on Facebook Live.

The Pasco Sheriff's Office dispatched corporal Scott Keener, who helped wrangle the reptile.

"I just saw the size of it. I was like oh my goodness, this thing is huge," said Juan Ramirez, neighbor.

FWC was also on scene and together, the agencies were able to get the animal under control and tape its mouth shut.

"I have lived here for 10 years and I have never seen an alligator so I was really shocked at the size of it," said Missy Allen Bradburn.

An arrow was removed from the gator and officials relocated it to a safe area.

State wildlife officials say gators are more active and visible in the Spring. Alligator mating season happens in May and June.

"It is mating season soon so be very careful, but never do you think you'd walk out your door and meet one," said Bradburn.