The Florida man behind the viral video of the unique way to tow a boat

Posted at 7:45 PM, May 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-09 12:51:10-04

Remember the life motto, you never know what battles other people are facing?

Well, this is a reminder of that. 

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There is now a face and a story to the Gone Fishin' video that shows the unique way a man found to tow his boat in Pasco County

You may remember the video that was posted to Facebook: 

The video not only went viral on social media, but it made national news headlines across different networks. 

Jeffrey Hogan, a Vietnam Veteran was the man behind the wheel.

He tells ABC Action News he just got bad news from a series of doctors, he's dying.

"Five different doctors told me I got about two years," said Hogan.

With that news, the Purple Heart recipient decided he had to go fishing that day.

"He has no family, no friends," said Kenneth Keegan.

Keegan was the man who drove past Hogan that day and recorded the video from his car window with the phrase, "when you have to go fishing."

It turns out that was the truth.

Hogan, who is on an oxygen tank said he had no way to remove the wheel chair ramp from the back of his SUV so he decided to use that as a make-shift trailer. 

However, when he made a turn towards his fishing spot, the rope to the boat came loose and fell off. 

Hogan said a Hernando County off duty deputy and his wife were the only people to stop on the side of the road to help him. 

After Keegan found out who the man behind the vehicle was, he took to social media again to update all the followers.

In a short time, Antonietti Marine in Hudson, Florida was donating a boat trailer for his safety. 

Taking it a step further though, Armed Anglers donated a charter fishing trip for Hogan to go on. 

Courtesy: Armed Anglers

Hogan was the only one to catch a fish that day. 

He plans to continue to spend his final days out on the water fishing.