Teacher accused of making racist, Trump remark to African-American students

School district now investigating claim
Posted at 4:49 PM, Nov 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-11 17:17:14-05

A Pasco county teacher is off the job while the school district investigates claims that he made a racist, political remark to a group of African-American students. 

School district leaders met with the teacher from Wesley Chapel High School Friday. 

ABC Action News is not naming the teacher until we learn more about this investigation. 

The alleged comments came to light when a father of one of the students posted this teacher's remark to Facebook. 

According to Donnie Jones Jr., the white teacher told a group of African-American girls, "Don't make me call Donald Trump to get you sent back to Africa."  

He allegedly made the statement in the hallway during a break between classes at Wesley Chapel High School. 

"I'm a little disappointed to hear that, actually from a person that's dealing with our kids, our students," said Wesley Chapel High School parent Latasha Holmes. 

The Facebook post has been shared more than 5,000 times. 

In the post, Jones also highlights this as an example of why some minority groups feel threatened with President-elect Donald Trump in the White House. 

"As far as this country has come, to hear someone say something like that, of any color, is very disturbing," said Holmes. 

Pasco County leaders say they immediately placed the teacher on administrative leave while they investigate. 

"If he in fact said that, it's absolutely unacceptable," said District spokesperson Linda Cobbe.  "It exhibits very poor judgment and we will take appropriate action."

ABC Action News has learned, the teacher was punished in August 2015 for making inappropriate comments about a student failing to graduate on time. 

In a written reprimand, district leaders warned the teacher against making derogatory comments to students in the future. 

The teacher faces a possible suspension without pay, pending the results of the district's internal investigation. 

A decision could be made at Tuesday's school board meeting.