Pasco woman caught stealing campaign signs

Police search for thief
Posted at 9:47 PM, Nov 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-07 23:20:42-05

Lisa Eshkov says this election season has brought out the best in people and sometimes the worst.

"At first I was like I couldn't believe it and then I was like is she serious, she seriously took my sign," said Eshkov.

This time the worst came twice in the same week, driving a golf cart.

"Last Wednesday I was on my way to school with my son, it was like 6:45 in the morning, and I said to him you know I think the Clinton sign is gone from the front yard," said Eshkov.

Lisa says that night she took a look at video from her surveillance camera and saw a man and a women pull up in a golf cart. The women jumps out, scampers towards the campaign sign and rips it out of the ground.

"I was just going to chalk it up to political shenanigans and let it go," said Eshkov.

However, two days after replacing the sign, inexplicable it appears the same women returns. Once again arriving by golf cart, this time without pants, but with the same result.

"In a way it surprises me, these are my neighbors, I mean clearly she didn't hop off the interstate in her golf cart to come steal some Clinton signs," said Eshkov.

Investigators say both campaigns have seen their share of sign vandalism this year.

Tonight they hope someone will recognize the women and help teach her a lesson about criminal theft.

Until then, Lisa hopes a 40 pound plywood sign will make a would be thief think twice before coming into her yard again.

If you or anyone you know recognizes the women in the video you're asked to contact the Pasco County Sheriffs Office.