Squatters take over Pasco Co. home

Posted at 6:31 PM, Feb 07, 2016

Alicia Medling's home on Ford street in New Port Richey isn't quite home sweet home right now.  She said transients broke in while she was visiting a sick family member late last year in Orlando.

"I basically had to hold onto the door to keep myself from falling over from shaking when I saw how bad it was," said Medling.

She said the transients actually lived in her home from several days, even telling a neighbor that the family had moved out.

"They had told him that they were living here now and that we weren't here anymore," said Medling.

Medling said a majority of her property was stolen in the process.  She said the mattresses her sons sleep on were even stolen.

"There was a section where it looked like people just squatting on the floor and peeing and pooping," said Medling.

Deputies eventually made in arrest for the burglary, but this family doesn't have insurance on the home.  Medling hopes her neighbors decide to insure their property.

The family has started a "GoFundMe" page.  They are hoping to get items for their boys, because they lost all of their toys and video games during the crime.