Police looking for three teens accused of vandalizing several cars overnight

Posted at 9:29 PM, Dec 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-23 23:21:44-05

New Port Richey police are looking for three teens accused of smashing out several car windows overnight.

The vandals hit at least a half dozen locations Thursday night, smashing the window of an RV. But little did they know, they were on camera the entire time.

“The one kid fell out of his shoes so he could get away from me or I probably would have caught him,” Dan Brodd said.

He was one of the first victims of three teens wondering a New Port Richey neighborhood smashing car windshields, windows, and side mirrors with a baseball bat.

“Taped most of it up but you can see it’s bent in here, they hit it with a pipe or baseball bat,” he said.

“I was pissed, it’s my daughters car, I just bought it for her,” he said.

“I wasn’t upset or angry I was just confused as to why somebody would go around smashing car windows, I don’t understand that,” said his daughter Brielle.

After the teens got away from Brodd, they were spotted on a surveillance camera a few minutes later.

They can be seen walking by a parked RV when one winds up for another swing, shattering the rear windshield.

New Port Richey Police say at least six vehicle were damaged throughout the hour long crime spree but nothing was stolen.

Investigators hope someone will come forward after seeing the video and turn the teens in.

If they are caught, Brodd has his own idea about the potential punishment.

“Fine there parents for not raising them right, that's my opinion,”he said.