Woman finds peeping tom at her window

Suspects already back on the streets after arrest
Posted at 11:29 PM, Jan 05, 2017

"I was up last night just laying there thinking to myself, what if he's out there again," said Shannon Biven.

It's been a restless few days for Biven. She says it all began around 2 a.m, Tuesday morning.

"I woke up to a noise and I looked out the window cause I'm thinking it didn't sound like wind, like it was too heavy," said Biven.

Biven, her husband and 3 year old were all in the bedroom. The couple says they left their window open that night to enjoy the cool air.

"I pulled open the curtain and looked out and there was a man staring back at me," said Biven.

Biven says the face staring back at her was just inches away.

"All of a sudden I hear her screaming bloody murder, I didn't know what she was yelling but I could hear her screaming," said Biven's husband Joseph.

Biven says she immediately recognized the man as 55-year-old Christopher Holt. Holt lives in a home behind the couples.

"I was yelling at him, his name, Chris, what are you doing, get out of my yard," said Biven. "I said what are you doing looking in the window, I'm calling the cops."

Biven says Holt bolted through her bushes and down the street. Police arrested Holt and charged him with a misdemeanor loitering charge.

Even worse, investigators admit, its not the first time Holt has been caught doing this. A criminal background check revealed another charge from October 2015.

"He did it to the neighbor next to us, the same thing, she called the cops," said Biven.

She said Holt already posted bail.

"It makes me extremely nervous," said Biven. "It's like a slap on the wrist and he's already out."

Tonight Biven is taking matters into her own hands by warning her community.

"If maybe I didn't wake up and just kind of brushed it off and went back to sleep, who knows, maybe he could have come into the house," said Biven.