Pasco Couty woman missing one year; Brook Lynn Peck's family hoping for answers

Brook Lynn Peck disappeared Oct. 26, 2015
Posted at 10:40 PM, Oct 22, 2016

Brook Lynn Peck's loved ones are hoping sharing her photo and story might help bring her home safe, and also raise awareness about the dangers so many other young women like her are facing right now.

Ryan Davis has known Brook Lynn Peck since the two were teenagers, and Davis says they got into a lot of trouble with prostitution and drugs.

"Me and Brook Lynn, you know, we lived in these hotels. So it's really hard to be here. I have all these memories of being here with her," said Davis.

Davis quit dancing and got sober two years ago, and that's when she cut ties with Brook Lynn. That was six months before her disappearance.

"The last words she ever said to me was, 'At least one of us made it out alive,'" said Davis.

Brook Lynn Peck was last seen walking behind a shopping center in New Port Richey last October. Loved ones say Brook Lynn had gotten desperate and fear she may have been picked up by a trafficker, and taken far from Pasco County.

"If somebody could come forward with even the stupidest little thing can help us find her, or whatever's left of her or whatever it is. You know, give my baby girl some peace. I know I'll never have it again," said Brook Lynn's mom Joann Caruso.

Davis is holding out hope that her best friend is still alive.

"I just want her to be safe and whoever's hurting her, I wish they'd get caught and she'd come home safe," said Davis.

And she hopes other young women being trafficked, fight to get out like she did.

"It's definitely a lot better life now," said Davis.

If you think you may have seen Brook Lynn Peck, no matter when or where it might've been, contact police.