Facebook post leads community to action; #TeamFarrell all about giving back

Posted at 5:53 PM, Feb 07, 2017

Dee Ford, President of the board for the SPCA Suncoast still can't get over the shock. The supply room at her New Port Richey SPCA is now filled with supplies.

"I mean take a look! There are bags and bags of dog food and more. These things kept coming and coming and coming and I turned around and there's more!" exclaimed Ford. "This to us was the biggest thing in the world."

The SPCA Suncoast now has new pavers and mulch outside. The old building was also freshly pressured washed removing all the mold and mildew that had built up for years.

"It brought tears to my eyes. It brought tears to my staff because we actually thought people cared. I mean we don't have the money to do this!" said Ford

One Facebook post led to thousands of dollars in goods and labor to help the animals.

Local business owner, Steve Farrell of Team Farrell wrote, "Political posts are getting frustrating. Let's do something good for the community and then asking for suggestions.

Regan Weiss, the sales manager of Team Farrell said his boss is to humble to go on camera. But their entire company at Team Farrell could not believe the public's response. Together they decided to help the SPCA.

"The community just came together. You had multiple companies, plumbing companies, dental companies saying hey Steve what do you need and then just showing up. Here's supplies and here's dog food," said Weiss.

Ford added,  "They just came in like storm troopers it was wonderful."

Pictures taken this past weekend only gave a snapshot of the hours dedicated to the makeover. And Team Farrell is far from done.

"You know what what is the point of stopping? The momentum has built on what are we doing now," said Weiss.

Volunteers projects are already set for the next several weeks. Ford said if it's even a fraction of what they experienced. It will be life changing.

"I mean again we don't have the money. It was a blessing," said Ford.  

If you would like to get involved you can like the Team Farrell Facebook page. Or head to the company's website at

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