New brewery has hopes high in Pasco County

Posted at 10:33 PM, Feb 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-03 00:00:20-05
Pasco County commissioners are betting on beer. Sort of. They're really betting on three guys and their new brewery, Loop Brewing. 
"We're going to do a 6,500 square foot beer garden out here next to the lake," Mark Pizzurro said.
You have to start somewhere, and for Pizzurro, Pete Abreut and Joe Traina, that somewhere was in their garage. 
What was once more like a hobby now has the county tapping them as the first step of many towards revitalizing the route along U.S. 41.
"Our opening date should be around March. That’s what we're shooting for," Pizzurro said. "We're hoping with us doing this, moving in here, the rest of the business owners will kind of follow."
Officials said they’re not only pleased with the trio's choice of location but also their choice to renovate an aging building. Late last year county leaders passed an ordinance that would fine owners of blighted and dilapidated properties. It’s all in hopes of a complete redevelopment of U.S. 41. 
"It's another exciting day for Pasco County," County Commissioner Mike Moore said. "We're thrilled that another small business has chosen Pasco as its home. These small businesses are helping to stimulate the redevelopment of this historic community."
Not to mention the need for more service for the growing community.
"They don't always want to drive to Tampa for that kind of stuff. A lot of people out here have kids and families. It’s easier for them to just come right down the street," Pizzurro said.