Neighbors say man is trashing their neighborhood

County investigating dumped piles of mulch
Posted at 11:25 PM, Nov 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-04 23:25:34-04

"Unbelievable," said Lee Robida peering out the screen window of his New Port Richey home.

"This is what I see from the kitchen when I'm standing there cooking, I look out this way, instead of seeing the natural beauty of Florida, I see this pile of mulch growing," said Robida.

That's how he describes the mess that's accumulating behind his home.

"It goes back and into the woods way passed the trees, it goes over there, I estimate its about the size of a football field," said Robida.

Robida says the owner of the property has been dumping tree mulch for years. He says it's more than just an eyesore.

"Its attracting snakes, we get mole crickets, all types of ants," said Robida.

Robid also worries about the impact on his property value. He says the owner trucks in the stuff a few times a week forming dozens of small debris hills.

We reached out to Pasco County code enforcement who says they are investigating the dumping. They said anyone dumping this type of material would either need to obtain a permit or prove they are using it for agricultural purposes. To this point they say the property owner has done neither.

In fact this isn't the first complaint about the property. In March the owner was cited by code enforcement for dumping concrete waste in the same area.

Robida loves his home and is in for the long haul but says if this had been happening when he was buying the place, he would have reconsidered.

"I respect a mans right to his property and to do what they want but there's a limit when your taking away the property values of another homeowner,"

Robida says he just hopes code enforcement will force the owner to clean it up.