Couple finds wedding album from 1963 in roof, now hoping to get it back to the rightful owners

Posted at 5:40 PM, Jun 06, 2017

Megan Kapsidis is mesmerized and not able to stop flipping through the wedding album she found hidden in the roof of a Hudson home.

"I'm absolutely in love with it," said Megan.

She's embracing each moment a couple shared on their wedding day back in 1963

"I mean from them walking down the aisle to their bridesmaids, I love it," said Megan. "And my absolute favorite photo is in the back of the book."

A snapshot capturing a touch of humor from the bride and groom Joseph and Marguerite Garguilo. A couple Megan's never met, but serious about finding.

"If it was my wedding album I definitely would be very upset if I ever lost it," she said.

The treasure of memories fell into her husband Bobby's hands, unexpectedly. It was hidden in the roof of a Hudson home the couple bought for Bobby's mom eight years ago and are now remodeling. The first crack of plaster brought down an alligator purse.

"As I was taking it off, the purse fell and hit me in the face," said Bobby.

And then looking deeper into the hole, "I saw it was really really old and I was like ok, check this out and called her immediately,"  said Bobby.

Since the discovery Friday Megan's mission is to get the album to it's rightful owners. More than 50 years old she realizes Joseph and Marguerite may no longer be with us but they could have family.

"There are some clues. There is one piece of paper that's helped because it says her father's name," said Megan.

She knows they got married in Brooklyn and even tracked down a potential relative in New Port Richey, but it led to a dead end.

"I kind of hit a wall for a minute," said Megan

But Megan won't give up, her reason, reminding all of us life is about special moments, worth reliving.

"They did not have digital cameras in 1963. So this is all you have of your wedding day. And I want to give it back to them if they have been missing it for all these years," said Megan.

She is asking as many people to please share this story. 

I am too. It's these stories we remember and cherish. - Sarina Fazan