Military family's missing dog found in Tampa

Posted at 10:47 AM, Mar 03, 2016

A Wesley Chapel family's missing dog has been found in Tampa.

The dog was taken from the Seven Oaks area Tuesday night.

The woman who took Gracie says she did not know where to take the dog to after finding her.


A Wesley Chapel military family is pleading for the return of their beloved dog, Gracie, after she was stolen from the Seven Oaks area Tuesday night.

A neighbor and the family's 10-year-old and sibling were walking the dog in Seven Oaks, a gated community, when one of the children tripped and Gracie took off running, according to Alicia Adams, the children's mother and Gracie's owner.

The children took off running after Gracie, who was on a leash and wearing a collar, but she kept running thinking it was a game, Adams explained.

It was about 7:45 p.m.

Gracie ran behind a home and made her way on to Ancient Oaks Boulevard.  Since this portion of Seven Oaks is not gated, she was able to make it on to a public road.

According to a witness, two women in a red SUV stopped and picked up Gracie.

When the witness questioned the women about where they were taking Gracie, they claimed they were taking her to the gatehouse where the owners could claim her.

Gracie was never dropped at the gatehouse.

Adams says she has now posted more than 70 fliers in the area, but no one has returned the dog.

Gracie was a gift to their children five years ago.

"There was a note from Santa to go and pick up a present at the airport," a tearful Adams recalled.

Adams has checked area shelters, but the dog is not there.

Also, no surveillance video exists of the women or red SUV because they were not driving within the gated community.

Adams told ABC Action News the family's other dog passed away several months ago, and now with Gracie missing, the family is inconsolable.

Adams' husband is enlisted in the Coast Guard and currently deployed.

She says she cannot bear to tell him Gracie is missing.

Adams has called the Pasco County Sheriff's Office. If anyone sees Gracie or knows of her whereabouts, you are urged to call Adams at 512-294-5117.