Early voting mailer prompts investigation

Posted at 11:56 PM, Oct 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-27 23:56:32-04

"It comes up every four years but to this level we've never seen before," said Pasco County Supervisor of Elections Brian Corley.

As thousands head to the polls for early voting, Corley says every inconsistency in the process, clerical error or even just plain mistake is under the microscope.

Case in point, this latest flyer from the Florida Republican Party.

"We have eight locations in Pasco County for early voting, it only listed five, so its missing three," said Corley.

Along with the missing locations, the flyer also listed the incorrect dates when early voting begins and ends.
Corley says its mistakes like those that can cause a major loss of confidence in the voting process. But how much is voter fraud playing into the psyche of local voters.

"As a voter you have to be cautious at all times because of the continued allegations throughout the last few elections that things haven't been on the up and up," said Jerry Finocchi.

"I really don't believe that there's a lot of voter fraud, everything I've read, everything I've heard indicates that is an over played card," said Antonia Astone.

And while neither believe the mistakes on this flyer were intentional.

"Well considering our history unfortunately in previous elections, we want to make sure we're not the deciding factor," said Finocchi.

"You can't pick up a pamphlet that comes to your door and rely on that information, we have to be an intelligent voting populous," said Astone.

The republican party of Florida issued this statement to ABC Action News regarding the flyers.

"Earlier this week, we sent out a mailer with erroneous information regarding early voting in Pasco County. We sincerely apologize. Rest assured we are taking every step to get the correct information out to voters."